Lydia Ayres-Hyman

I have been going to the gym for some time but I severely lacked discipline and my training was sporadic. For years I have taken anti-deppressants, Which made me feel exhausted, ill and I was often confused and found it very difficult to concentrate. I run a full time business and are part way through an MBA so knew I couldn't struggle on much longer. I knew the only way forward was through a chnage in my nutritional habits and exercise, but I needed masses of support, so a personal trainer was the answer. And how amazingly it worked!

I had my wellness assessmnet inititially and had my nutrition sorted out and I felt better immediately just by eating properly and intorducing Herbalife into my day. Eventually with the help and the support from JP Personal Training and the co-operation of my doctor, we upped my training and I broke free of the medication all together.

Now I feel excellent, most importantly I have a very healthy brain, which I have wanted so much for so long! I am very happy now and can't believe I struggled on for so long.

The weight loss is a great bonus too! My body shape has totally changed for the better. All my friends have noticed and everyone comments on how good I look. It has truly saved me and my immune system has definitely improved dramatically. I will continue forever as I never want to go back to how I felt before and I really enjoy it.